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We specialize in delivering your email newsletter where it needs to go and optimizing your mailing methods to get the most out of your campaigns. By using Adopia, you have optimal control of your mailing list and can view details for each subscriber, including their bounce rate, click rate and if they have launched any complaints.

Our Features


Manage and grow your subscriber list with ease

Manage your subscribers and build your list more effectively. Adopia can help you with your list growth and personalize your marketing. You can view individual details for each subscriber. You can view their subscription history, their actions (bounce- rate, click rate, complaints, etc), campaigns the user has received, and campaigns that will be sent to the user in the future.

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Easy Signup Forms

Use of our easy-to-use form builder enables you to create signup forms that you can easily add to your site. Customize the entire experience to match your own site design.

Easy Importing

Importing an existing list into your Adopia list system is as simple as copy and paste. We automatically scan for bad records and remove duplicates.

Auto-List Management

Adopia's List Management will automatically handle all new signups, unsubscribes, bounces and even spam complaints for you behind the scenes.


Utilize our Email Newsletters and Reach Your Subscribers

Email Newsletters have emerged as a very popular for frequent communication with subscribers and potential subscribers. Much like print-based newsletters, email newsletters contain tips, news, and information of interest to an organizations target base.

  • Avoid print or postage stamps
  • Collect data about user behavior
  • Establish better rapport with users

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Create Interactive Email Campaigns with our Templates

By utilizing Adopia's built-in email templates you have the ability to edit the content of your emails, insert your own images, and style your email without having any prior knowledge on programming.


Engage your Users with Autoresponders

With our autoresponders you have the ability to setup any number of emails to be sent either immediately after a new user subscribes to you list, or after a period of time has passed. This allows you to create sequences of automated email messages.

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Autoresponders are extremely powerful and effective in automating your email marketing campaign

You can set up as many timed emails as you like, and schedule them based on the time and the date the subscriber was added to your email list. After you set up an auto responder, you don't have to think about it again. We'll make sure your campaigns get your subscribers right on time.


Simplify your Campaign with Email Triggers

Triggers allow you to set predetermined actions to occur when a subscription or unsubscription occurs. You can structure subscriberactions to update the subscriber information, send campaigns, and perform subscription tasks.

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Send, Receive and Track Emails Effortlessly

API Integration is an email delivery and tracking service that allows you to easily add email list management and email reporting functionality into other applications. Check statistics on opens, bounces, and click-through rates. Our API allows other companies to extend their applications by integrating email marketing components to created an enhanced user experience.

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Behavioral Targeting
Behavioral Targeting allows you to send targeted emails so the email reaches the users on their last open time. This intelligenctly designed features will help your users feel like they can rely on your mailing consistency.
Set up two types of the same campaign and send them to a small percentage of your list. Half of the list is sent one version and the other half gets the other version. Measured by the most opens or clicks, determines the winning campaign and that version is sent to the rest.
Time Morphing
Time Morphing is a method of time-zone manipulation where if you wanted to a broadcast sent out at 1pm and you select time morphing, the broadcast will be sent out at 1pm local time for each subscriber.
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