It's email equality for all.
Adopia is designed to help the startup entrepreneur and the high-rise executive alike
to manage their email campaigns with the same smart technology and simple interface.

We help you hit the inbox. It's that simple.

Many emailing service platforms have reported that over 20% of their outgoing emails get stuck in the recipient's
spam folder. We are proven to provide you with a higher and more successful inbox delivery rate.

Email Intelligence
Our smart filtering helps you avoid common email problems that could sink your campaign before it is even sent out.
Setup, manage, and track your emailcampaign's performance from one screen with just a few clicks or taps.
Increase Deliverability
Cut through the traffic and get your emails right where they need to be - in the inbox and in front of your customer's eyes.
Detailed Reporting
Why search for data when it can come right to you? Follow the who, what, and where of your campaigns in real time.
Data Intelligence
Instantly knowing which email accounts are not safe to send to helps you filter out potential problems when you send.


Our ESP mailing platform allows you to email your subscribers through our server and
provide detailed reporting, helping you acheive a higher inbox delivery rate.

Multi-user Access
Whether you are a small or large company, you may have mutliple people working for you. With our system you can invite into the platform and grant them access to your control panel with either full or limited permissions.
Proactive, not Reactive
Undetected problems can cause an email campaigns to fail. Our system acts as a watchdog keeping an eye on your campaigns and network by proactively taking steps to prevent the damage before it can hurt you.
Constant Alerts
You need to know what is going on with your account. Our system will send you a notification whenever anything important comes up. You can customize it for as little to as much communication you desire.
API Integration
Our full feature API lets you integrate our platform into your existing system. This enables you to extend the use of your applications by integrating email marketing components to create an enhanced user experience.
Our intelligent email software helps you hit the inbox.
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